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Valérie speaks on a range of topics including:

  • Identity & Belonging

  • Cross Cultural Kids and Third Culture Kids

  • Moving with children

  •  Cross-Cultural Transitions

  • Cross-Cultural Competencies

  • Positive Transitions-Care in Schools and Organizations


Whether it is an anticipated or unanticipated move, each unique transition is taking place in exceptionally uncertain times. More than ever, children need to feel equipped to tackle the different stage of transition cycle, to gain emotional resiliency skills, and to develop a strong sense of who they are and where they belong.

Roots with Boots offers practical advice for families, schools and organizations, online and in person.


Roots with Boots offers a six-session (45 min each) comprehensive online program to support your child in their moving journey. This program is geared towards 7 to 12-year olds, and can be tailored to your family's needs. Through a specifically designed curriculum, your child will learn to:​​

  • ​understand the language and community of Third Culture Kids

  • navigate the challenges and benefits of moving as a child

  • use strategies to tackle the challenges

  • develop tools to leave well and land well

  • say grateful goodbyes and welcoming hellos

  • answer questions about who they are and where home is

  • create their own 'moving' story of their unique journey


Schools & Organizations

As an international school or organization, you want to set your students and employees up for success. Supporting them and their families in their transitions is key to a successful learner or productive employee. Roots with Boots offers online and in person workshops to:

  • define the Cross Culture Kid/Third Culture Kid experience

  • address the cycle of transition

  • explain the impact on a child's sense of identity and belonging

  • clarify how unresolved loss and grief can manifest later in life

  • provide insight on how mobility specifically affects learning

  • outline further challenges and benefits of moving for children

  • offer strategies, tools, and resources to manage transitions 

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Free 20 min no-obligation introductory consultation

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