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Published books via Summertime Publishing. Available through Amazon and Book Depository.

If you would like signed copies sent to you directly, contact Valérie here.

B at Home: Emma Moves Again

Emma is only ten years old, but has already moved twice. Now, her parents are telling her the family is moving again. She’s furious, sad, nervous, and a little excited, all at the same time.


Unsure of how to tackle these conflicting emotions, she turns to B, her faithful teddy bear. While trying to come to terms with the challenges of another move, what Emma really wants is just to ‘be at home’.


As the journeys of Emma and B unfold, home changes once again, but home also begins to take on a new meaning that Emma can take with her wherever she goes. 

This chapter book is intended for 7-12 year old children, although the story of B and Emma will resonate with many older children and adults.


There are discussion questions at the end of the book to help parents and teachers  address many of the topics and questions that come along with any change and transition. 

My Moving Booklet

Moving usually means going through quite a roller coaster of feelings. It can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. It can be very sad to say goodbye, but it can also be incredibly fun to experience new things and meet new people.


This booklet  is designed to help children through the various stages of an upcoming move, from the moment that they find out about moving until about six months after the move. 


Children will have the opportunity to either write about it, to draw a picture, or to glue on a photograph. This is their own unique story that one day will serve as a keepsake of a life-changing event.


Schools and companies have used My Moving Booklet as a gift for their arriving and leaving students and families to assist them through the process of moving.


For a small additional fee (when ordering 50 copies or more), you can have your school or company logo added to the cover. For more information, contact Roots with Boots here.

To preview the first few pages of My Moving BookletSample Proof

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