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Speaking About B at Home

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

After years of B at Home being a work in progress in mind and heart, slowly becoming a reality on paper, followed by many months of intense editing with an extremely supportive team, and working together with a wonderful illustrator, I am really excited to announce that it will be published in February 2014.

Last week, I had a chance to present on panel about Children and Expatriation for GroupExpat in Geneva. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and a chance to meet some true experts in the field. The session was intended for professionals working in Human Resources and how to help prepare their companies’ employees and their families when expatriated. The importance of preparing children for a move couldn’t be stressed enough.

Luckily, these days more and more (inexpensive) resources are becoming available. Not only is there a lot of literature on being an Expat and on Third Culture Kids available to adults, but there is also literature available now to the children themselves. There are also a variety of coaching and counselling services available, and a number of really excellent blogs, websites, movies, and articles (see link on resources).

Being on the panel last week only confirmed to me that children desperately need stories to identify with during a move, expatriation, and repatriation. Hopefully B at Home will become one of the stories that will guide children and their parents through a transition, as well as a tool for educators to assist their students through this process.

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