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B at Home now available online!

It’s a been a big week of celebrating milestones! Exactly one week ago, our youngest daughter turned one and what an amazing year it has been with both our girls! Today, exactly two years ago, I sent my first draft to Summertime Publishing. And now, on Monday, I received my very first copies of the book. I am a little lost for words to describe what it feels like to hold it in my hands. Definitely a little surreal, but very exciting. It’s been a tremendous journey to get to this day and I need some time to reflect on it all. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words (see big smile below):

Book is here!

And as of today, B at Home: Emma Moves Again is available online! I would like to share this link to Amazon with you and this interview with me by Summertime Publishing!

If you live close by or I’ll see you soon, and you’d like to buy a copy, I will soon have a box of them here. Just email me at to put in an order and I’ll make sure to get one to you!

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