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A New Year in the Life of this TCK

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Tomorrow is my birthday so I figure I should try to write my first blogpost before the year is over.  It’s been a busy but wonderful one. Our beautiful daughter Josephine turned two in May and our other gorgeous girl, Madeleine, was born in April. Two little girls who were born into this world from Dutch-Swiss/American parents and who already hold two passports to their name with a decent amount of stamps in it considering their age.

One of my fears when becoming a parent has been: If I was already confused about where I belonged growing up, then how will Josephine and Madeleine feel? I became a Third Culture Kid, but our daughters are born into the world as Third Culture Kids. Originally, I started writing for me, but over the last three years my writing was given a much bigger purpose and immediate (and, over time, likely my most critical) audience of two. If anything, I hope that Emma and B’s journey will help them through their own challenges of growing up as a TCK and I hope that as a TCK mother I can help them understand and enjoy all the advantages that come with it as well.

I am very much looking forward to this coming year. So far my TCK life and search for home has brought me so many intensely rewarding experiences.

I love that I have a job as a teacher at an international school that I enjoy going to every single day. I feel so incredibly blessed to have traveled so much (even though my list of ‘places to go’ keeps growing). I am grateful for having fallen in love with a man who not only understands my TCK existence, but who has his own story and who is happy to keep creating beautiful memories with me. I am absolutely thrilled (and scared) to be publishing my first book and looking forward to where my writing will take me. 

But most of all, I am so intensely filled with love when I look around our living room at the incredible mess my two daughters managed to create within an hour of being up on this Saturday morning. I am home.

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