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Like this tree, we all have roots that run deep.


Unlike this tree, our roots are not

 always visible.


When we move around a lot as a child, we can feel particularly ungrounded; unsure of where we belong and where home is.


How can children develop strong roots while moving and stand strong in their boots?


Roots with Boots will support your child tackle the challenges of moving and reap the benefits of the experiences that lie ahead.

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Roots with Boots


Recently moved or moving with children? Below are a few resources that will help you support your child.

If you sign up to the Roots with Boots Mailing List you will receive the Top 12 Tips for free.


For only Chf 17 you will receive 17 pages filled with :

  • Top 12 Tips AND practical ideas

  • An overview of the language of Cross Cultural Kids

  • An overview of the benefits and challenges of a globally mobile lifestyle

  • A comprehensive literature review

  • A checklist when moving with children

Roots with Boots


Roots with Boots offers presentations and workshops to families, schools and organizations 

to support a well-managed cross-cultural transition with children.


Consulting for Families

Workshops for Schools & Organizations

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Roots with Boots

Published books via Summertime Publishing. Available through Amazon and Book Depository.

If you would like signed copies sent to you directly, contact Valérie here.

Reviews from leading experts in the field of global mobility

On B at Home: Emma Moves Again


In this delightful book you have the solution for how to translate what we, as adults, know about the TCK experience , into language and concepts that children who grow up globally can relate to.

Ruth Van Reken, co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, and co-founder, Families in Global Transition (

On My Moving Booklet


Valérie Besanceney has come up with a perfect addition to any classroom that deals with the comings and goings of our citizens of the world. Not only will the child enjoy the beautiful emotions icons but they will be easily able to label how certain parts of this move is making them feel.

Douglas W. Ota, author, Safe Passage: how mobility affects people and what international schools should do about it, and founder and CEO, Safe Passage Across Networks (

On B at Home : Emma Moves Again


Beautifully written, B at Home: Emma Moves Again, is a must for parents, teachers and organizations that support global nomads. Adults who work families in global transitions will it added to their 'go to shelf'. tidbits such as "...home will never be one place. It will be constantly moving. Like the waves, like the beads in the kaleidoscope" has made this one of my favorite books!"

Jullia Simens, author, Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child: practical storytelling techniques that will strengthen the global family.

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Valérie Besanceney

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Executive Director of Safe Passage Across Networks and Member  of Families in Global Transition

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